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8 ounce coconut wax candle in black glass jar. White label that says so fresh, so clean, clean. Fragrance is fresh linen and odor eliminator.

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SO FRESH & SO CLEAN CLEAN- Fresh Linen & Odor Eliminator

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  • Hand poured in small batches 
  • Made with all natural coconut wax blend
  • Cotton Eco wick
  • 8oz black glass jar with black lid 

Note Profile:
Top: Lemon
Middle: Ozone, Linen, Green Floral
Base: Light Musk

Customer Reviews

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Ashley Nakajima
Smells SOOOO good and eliminates musty smells

My finished basement always smells musty. I've torn out the flooring and sealed the ground and walls, I've tried dehumidifiers and Damp Rid. It just always smells musty. This candle doesn't just mask the musty smell. It gets rid of it for a few days after I burn it. It's seriously the nicest, most high-quality candle I've ever owned. Also gave one to a friend for a gift and she loved it.